Saturday, October 04, 2014

Community Nutrition Freshman Welcoming Assembly (CNFWA)


The Internal Affairs committee headed the Community Nutrition Freshman Welcoming Assembly (CNFWA) last August 9, 2014 at Gusali 2C, College of Home Economics, UP Diliman. The event was attended by the newest batch of BS Community Nutrition (CN) Degree Program which consisted of freshmen, shiftees from other courses within the campus and transferees from other UP units and universities. The event aimed to introduce the new CN students to the college, give brief discussion about the CN program, hear CN life experiences from the members, and introduce the nutrition organization in the college, Philippine Association of Nutrition – Alpha Chapter (PAN-Alpha)
The emcees of the event started the program, and followed by an opening remarks from Marietoni Pico, PAN-Alpha’s president. A brief overview of the organization’s activities was presented with a short video. The members were then introduced to the freshmen, and the freshmen also introduced themselves individually by stating their name, the high school they graduated from, and what food they want to be and why.
After the introduction, an activity was conducted to get the impressions of the freshmen towards the C.N. program and why they chose this course. 3 groups of 6 members were formed, and each group shared and discussed their answers among themselves. Each group chose a representative to share their answers to everyone.
Freshmen having a small group discussion.
After the activity, the freshmen were introduced to the CN curriculum by Kathleen Mae de Guzman, VP for Academics and Research AY 2013-2014. She provided a brief history of the course and explained why C.N. is different from other nutrition programs of other universities. A brief overview of each major subject in the program was also given, starting from 1st year, to 4th year. The floor was then given to PAN-Alpha alumnus, Christopher John Macapugay who shared his experiences in his C.N. practicum during his final year. After the C.N. curriculum was expounded, an open forum was conducted. The freshmen were asked about which C.N. subject sounded most interesting to them. The career options available after graduating from the C.N. program was presented after.
Kathleen de Guzman giving an overview of the C.N. curriculum
It was then explained to the freshmen how the course of Nutrition is changing, and that as nutrition students it is our job to be aware of these constant changes in the said field. The floor was then opened for questions. Questions about the C.N., the College of Home Economics, and PAN-α were asked and answered.

Team Building Activity

          The Internal Affairs committee organized a team building activity (TBA) last August 11, 2014 for the members of the Philippine Association of Nutrition Alpha Chapter. TBA was divided into two parts – indoor and outdoor games. The indoor games were played inside room 203 A and B while the outdoor game was held at the parking lot which are both venues in College of Home Economics, UP Diliman. The activity aimed to build new relationships among the members and strengthen the existing ones through various games and other activities.
            TBA started at 3:30pm. The first venue was at room 203 A and B where indoor activities were conducted. Joseph Brianne Guiller Misajon, Vice President for Internal Affairs, led everyone in an icebreaker called “Dim Dum Song”. In this activity, the leader taught the lyrics and movements of the song to the group. As everyone began to be familiar with the movements, the leader was changing the rhythm of the song to increase the difficulty of the activity.
            After the ice breaker, the first game done was called Helium Stick. In this game, 3 groups were formed.  Each group was given one arnis stick and has to form two lines facing each other. Each member of the group must hold the arnis stick with his or her index finger chest high. On top of their outstretched fingers was the arnis stick. The challenge was to lower the stick to the ground while keeping everyone’s fingers attached to the stick and if anyone’s finger loses contact with the helium stick, they must start again. After almost 15 minutes, group 3 won the game. Members of group 3 were Romnier Joseph Cabasan, Mikoel Miclat, Denelle Joyce Figuracion, Joelean Zephanie Escote, and Adriel Te.
Members playing a game called "Helium Stick"
            The second game was called “Pass the Circle”.  In this game, shoestrings were tied together to form a big loop. Two big groups were formed and each group formed big circle while holding the hand of the person beside them. Two big loops were given in each group and were passed around the circle without the use of hands. One loop was passed around from left of the start person to his right while the other loop must be on the opposite. The first group that successfully passed around the two loops in opposite direction won the game and that was group 1. Members of group 1 were Veronica Cruz, Hannah Vera Cruz, Mikoel Miclat, Andrea Marie Malit, Antonio Ramon Paterno, and Robert James Silva.
            Next game was called “Zoom”. Jonathan Idolor, member of the Internal Affairs committee, facilitated the game. Everyone was given one picture that they cannot share to others. Time was given for everyone to study and be familiar with the picture they possess. The ultimate goal is for the group to place the pictures in sequential order without looking at one another’s pictures. The participants were allowed to talk to each other and discuss what is featured in their picture. At the end, the group successfully arranged the sequence of the pictures.
            An activity called “Jump in Jump out” was also part of the TBA. Everyone formed a big circle while holding each other’s hands. The group followed what the leader was saying. Commands from the leader were say what he say and do what he say; say opposite of what he say and do what he say; say what he say and to opposite of what he say; and say opposite of what he say and do opposite of what he say.
            To end the indoor session of TBA, the organizers asked the members to sit down on the floor and form a big circle. Each person was given a piece of paper. The instruction was to write the name and divide the paper into two. On one side, the word “good” was written while on the other side was the word “bad”. All papers must be passed around the circle and everyone must write the good and bad things about the owner of the paper. On a time, everyone had the chance to express their thoughts about the owner of the paper. The game ended when the person finally got his paper. Some members were surprised, thankful, and confused after reading what was written in their paper.
Members playing a game of Patintero
            Patintero, a very famous Philippine game, was the final game of the TBA and was done at the CHE parking lot. Two groups were formed, each was composed of 13 members. Each group was given 15 minutes to finish the game. At the end, none was able to make a home run and win but everyone enjoyed the game.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nutrition Month 2014 Tarpaulin Display

Nutrition Month 2014’s campaign theme displayed on light post around UP Diliman
Academic Oval
     With the nationwide campaign theme “Kalamidad Paghandaan: Gutom at Malnutrisyon Agapan!”, Philippine Association of Nutrition – Alpha Chapter (PAN - Alpha), in cooperation with the College of Home Economics Student Council (CHE-SC), celebrated the 40th Nutrition Month by displaying theme-related tarpaulins around the Academic Oval of University of the Philippines Diliman last July 28, 2014 up to August 8, 2014. This project aimed to educate the UP community about nutrition during emergency situations such as calamity and disaster. 
One of the strategies for food and 
water security during a disaster
     Nutrition Month is an annual campaign to create greater awareness on nutrition among Filipinos. Given the effects of devastating calamities are inevitable, the informative tarpaulins concurred with the aim of this year’s nutrition month. According to the official website of National Nutrition Council (2014), the purpose of the 2014 nutrition month theme is to provide venue for the general public to realize the importance of preparedness, response, and recovery; coping and resilient strategizing to prevent malnutrition and worsening of nutritional status in times of emergencies and disasters. PAN – Alpha came up with nutrition guidelines specifically focused on emergency situations including preparation, as well as post-disaster such as rehabilitation. Simple phrases in Filipino language were chosen to address the majority of the public. 

Passers-by reading the 2014 Nutrition Month theme

Friday, July 04, 2014

Among the 15 PAN Student Chapters, Philippine Association of Nutrition - Alpha Chapter (PAN-Alpha) is awarded as the most outstanding student chapter this 2014 and our very own Christopher John Macapugay as the most outstanding Nutrition-Dietetics Student.

Congratulations, PAN-Alpha and Chief! 

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